Nassau Mills, revisited

Hello and welcome, it’s a bit cobwebby here at the moment, but I wanted to give an update to work that has been progressing on the site. Completing the excavation is a huge milestone, yes, but that is only the beginning. Then comes the long, painstaking task to stitch all the recovered information together into a coherent narrative, and in this case it has taken us a couple years to work our way through.

We think we now have a pretty good handle on the site, and we have completed a final archaeological report which has been filed with the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t still more to learn from our work at Nassau Mills, however, and there are many stories and threads that are still worth exploring but were outside the scope of the archaeological report.

I am also pleased to announce Dr Leigh Symonds and her Advanced Lab Methods students at Trent University had their first class meeting today, and will be diving in to the archaeological assemblage and sharing what they learn. I also have a backlog of posts to put up on the site, so please stay tuned as new content is on the way.