Student Blog — Notes from Mel

Here’s a contribution from Melissa about her first day of excavation on site. — Kate

Today we got stuck in…literally! It was one of those days where your boots make interesting sounds when you try to release them from the mud. I’m not complaining as it was funny. I am so happy to spend these days with such great people.

Today I had an opportunity to learn how to use GPS coordinates to locate surface artifacts found during our pedestrian survey, how to shovel shine, and how to do a bag fold so that the artifacts remain in the proper bag once collected.

Nicely folded bags of artifacts ready for the lab!

This was a bit of a juggle in the rain whilst holding several at once, but Jada and I worked out a system which at one point involved my jacket hood to carry the finished bags. We took turns screening and learning about the theodolite. It was very interesting seeing the well being revealed. When you are with interesting, happy people the day goes so quickly.

— Melissa Plavins

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