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Another dispatch from Mel, I also want to thank Fraser for the delicious treats that we enjoyed today! — Kate

Thank you Fraser for the cookies and Rice Krispie treats.

Today was…a warm one! We all worked hard to clean our units and found some treasures in the process. All of this effort was helped by some delicious treats made by Fraser.  In our unit, Abigail found a large spike which was exciting.

Skewer marking the corner of a 2009 excavation unit.

So many nails were uncovered as well, including a horseshoe nail and a spiral type nail. We uncovered loads of brick and mortar fragments as well as fragments of glass and ceramics and even a pig’s tooth.

Closeup of 2009 unit corner marker.

Each day is a new adventure. So many artifacts, so little time. I unearthed another pipe stem fragment. They really appeal to me for some reason. I loved this image of team members taking a well deserved seat at lunch in their field chairs.

— Melissa Plavins

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