Finally Friday!

It’s hard to believe another Friday has arrived. Looking back on our first two weeks of field school, it is wonderful to see how far everyone has come!

It was a quiet day on site, as many of our crew were over at the neighbouring BcGn-31, working on their field assessment test. It was the hottest day yet, but our crew soldiered on, practicing their skills.

We have really been amazed at how useful the drone we got has been for field documentation. Being able to hover directly over a point of interest to take a photo has made our lives so much easier. It is also really interesting to see how our site looks from the vantage of the turkey vultures who wheel overhead occasionally!

Here you can see our checkerboard of 2x2m units contrasted with the 6x6m open excavation in the lower right hand corner.
Even more remote, situated in our beautiful drumlin field landscape!
Here Caleb and Grant are setting up planning frames and control points in order to map the drain segment we have uncovered.

The drone has also been super handy to fly over to the neighbouring site to check on progress without having to walk all the way over there. We had a purpose this time, however, as it is Michael’s birthday today, so we walked over with a chocolate cake at break and serenaded him with Happy Birthday!

Michael overseeing the field assessment test units, bemused that the drone is buzzing them, and had no idea yet that this was the vanguard of our procession!
Michael adorned with a birthday dandelion diadem!
With fewer people on site today, Dan and I jumped in and worked on a 2×2 ourselves!

Today we also bid farewell to Dan, who was with us this week to get some more Stage 4 Field Director experience. It was great having you on site Dan, and best wishes for you as you go back in the field for your day job on Monday!