Wednesday Update

More of our crew and equipment have been ferried over to the other site, so it was a quieter vibe on site today. That didn’t mean we were napping here though, we still have lots to do before field school ends! I felt like the day flew by and didn’t have much of a chance to take photographs but here are a few from the end of the day, just before we started packing up.

There was a bit of musical chairs type unit swapping today, as some units are paused waiting for features to be recorded, but everyone was a good sport about me ordering them about willy-nilly into units.

Alyssa and Cierra and Josh and Tim have been working on bringing down two of the new units we opened. We have hopes that these will have more midden-type material in them.
Erik (in background) trowelled down his unit and planned a potential feature. Kyla (with some brief assistance from Kate) employed the mattock to take down the top layer of her new unit, and Kelsey and Adam worked steadily on their 2×2 today.

The mattocks were deployed today, as the dry warm weather has baked our clay loam into a tough surface!

Sebastian mattocks out half of his and Josh’s unit to get a side profile of the drain, and Steph and Lorna work on clearing the rock pile that seems to be the drain beginning(?).
Grant and Susannah are also working on a unit straddling the lower segment of drain to see if an original trench cut can be seen. This might give us some clues as to how the drain was constructed. Michelle has been solo in her unit, taking it down another 10 cm.