Frenetic Friday

We’re closing down the third week of the field school today, the time has flown by. We had a lot of people away today, as well as shuffling people to the other site, so it was a chance to catch up on some specific projects here at BcGn-17.

Steph and Abigail worked on a clean trowel back of their unit, which was also planned and photographed.
Michelle, Mel, Tim and Susannah worked on a mapping exercise simulating a lithic scatter in the freshly ploughed field.
In the background, James gives some instructions to the mapping crew. Josh and Sebastian start tackling the drain, first by finishing the isolation of a segment of drain by bisecting the unit…
And then by taking out successive courses of stone. The stones are loosely packed with voids between (presumably for water) and they keep going down. We had to pause as it was a short day but Tuesday this will get picked back up.
Abigail demonstrates how the hammer loop on her field pants can also handle a mattock!

A happy Victoria Day long weekend to everyone, we’ll see you on Tuesday for the start of our last four days of field school!