Preantepenultimate Excavation update

We are down to the last few days of the field school, specifically, the fourth last day!

We had quite a lot of rain on Saturday, and we arrived this morning to BcGn-17 to find the drain is continuing to do its work, even though we have punched some holes in it! A little bailing was necessary to continue some recording but over the course of the day it filled back up with water.

The lovely water feature!

It was a very small crew here at BcGn-17 today, as we had a lot of people over at the Indigenous site helping to finish and backfill open units and shifting the excavation grid to open new units outside of a monarch butterfly monitoring zone. We have a little time before the monarchs fly up here, but the field school time is running out!

Our tasks today were to continue open excavation units, clean and trowel back the drain excavations, and do any feature profiling that was ready. We had a visit after lunch by Dr Leigh Symonds (who sometimes teaches for us in the Department of Anthropology) and some students from the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre, it was nice to see how interested they were in archaeology and they had some good questions for our crew.

We poked a bit at the wood and have decided it is large planks with mortar between and underneath. Perhaps part of a structure wall?

We have also decided to open up another 2×2 since we are so intrigued by how the top end of the drain seems to turn and expand into a larger rock pile with brick and mortar. This may be flying a little too close to the sun but we can’t resist squeezing in one final unit and getting a peek to the west.

This will mean all hands on deck tomorrow and Thursday but we are confident we can do it!

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