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Wrapping up a site is always a bit sad, but as Jada shows, the time we spent together will have future impacts! — Kate

Today marked the bittersweet conclusion of our archaeological field school, and I must admit that bidding farewell to this unforgettable experience stirred up a mix of emotions within me. As I witnessed our excavation units being backfilled and our once lively site gradually returning to its original state as an empty farmer’s field, a sense of sadness intertwined with a deep sense of accomplishment came over me. The realization that our weekday mornings will no longer begin with the familiar ritual of gathering on campus, eagerly discussing and outlining our plans for the day, left me feeling disheartened, yet simultaneously, I am filled with excitement for the adventures that lie ahead.

Initially, when I first stumbled upon the opportunity to participate in this field school, I was thoroughly intrigued, but my confidence wavered, unsure if I possessed enough experience and knowledge to partake. Fortunately, I seized the opportunity, and from the very first day, I was welcomed with open arms by a community of individuals who made me feel right at home. Their warmth and camaraderie eased any apprehension I had, and whenever I found myself uncertain on site, there was always somebody ready to extend a helping hand.

Beyond the acquisition of new knowledge and experiences, this field school introduced me to a remarkable group of people whom I genuinely hope to maintain contact with. The process of getting to know each individual and discovering their unique paths that led them to the study of archaeology has been an extraordinary journey in itself. Reflecting upon our first day together, it is truly remarkable to witness the deep connections that formed among us in a mere four weeks.

I am profoundly grateful to James, Kate, Michael, and Dan for their guidance and wealth of knowledge throughout the duration of this course. Their mentorship provided a solid foundation for my venture into field work, and I will forever cherish this opportunity as I aspire to continue my journey within the realm of archaeology.

Below, I have attached a selection of photos, capturing moments that showcase some of the highlights from my time spent on site.

My first experience excavating a unit with the best team I could have asked for. (L-R Melissa, Caleb, Abigail, and Jada)
A tray of heavy debris left after flotation- I really enjoyed our day in the lab, sorting and cleaning artifacts.
Best of both worlds- Since i’m in a joint major in forensics and anthropology, stumbling across faunal material were some of the most exciting moments for me.
1852 Half-Penny token- The most exciting find in all of my units.
A very blurry polaroid photo of everyone on the last day of the course.

— Jada Schroeder

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